Clean, crisp lines and simple architectural details are foundations of this design style. The use of oversized tiles with rectified edges enhance open floor plans and accentuate the sense of scale.   Monochromatic color palettes with bold accent colors along with a mixture of metals and textures are used to add warmth.


Coastal design elements create relaxing and comfortable environments. Soothing ocean-hues and bright whites couple beautifully with textural materials like sisal, weathered woods, natural stones and earthy fabrics to create casually inviting spaces.


Classic themes are the most common design style and are often traditional or transitional by nature exemplifying elegance and comfort. Classic design is orderly, achieving depth from the layering of accessories, patterns and materials that create dimension. This style features dark woods, refined colors and rich tones along with regal furnishings and ornate architectural elements.


Bold design can be colorful, graphic or offer layers of unexpected details. This style can be the most fun to create because each element is crucial to the overall success of the design.  A well curated bold space can become art in totality.    


Kitchens are undeniably the heart of the home, serving as the “gathering place” for friends and family. Whether you are considering a simple update of a fresh backsplash or a full kitchen renovation, Moza has selections in stunning dimensional ceramics, dynamic glass tiles and bold patterns that can add the finishing touch.  


From a clean and contemporary master bath to a show-stopping powder room, Moza & Company creates refined spaces that exude luxury and functionality. Opulent tranquility abounds with use of exquisitely curated materials that reflect your personality and design goals. From classic marbles, vibrant colors in glass to one of a kind designs, choices for your bathroom are virtually as limitless as the imagination.  

Living Spaces

Tile is not just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore. It can be used to add a touch of sophistication to a living space, an accent wall in the foyer or a mosaic rug inlay in the dining room. Moza & Company offers a wide selection of tiles and surface coverings to create a space that is truly all your own. Through extensive partnerships with some of the best-known brands in the industry, options are available for the most discerning of tastes.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor environments have increasingly become a popular addition to home design especially for those who enjoy entertaining guests or relish in their own private retreats. Tile selections such as rustic stone, watery glass mosaics and easy to care for oversized porcelain pavers can provide the perfect backdrop for pools, patios and spas.  The experienced designers of Moza & Company can help pull these elements together creating the perfect outdoor atmosphere.


Unique features using tile and stone give a space character and add value to a property. Accent walls with intricately detailed designs using hand-crafted materials and staircases with ornate inlays are just two examples of features that serve as conversation starters. Moza & Company assists in identifying opportunities to integrate featured elements into the space that fit the overall design goals.


Tile and stone play an integral part in communicating personality in a commercial space. Moza & Company carefully considers the utilization of the space and the brand it should reflect. Selecting the appropriate coverings should harness the energy of the environment and stand the test of time.